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The Vision of The Xtrabed Company

We Believe…That everyone should be able to enjoy the precious space inside their home in the ways that are specially suited to their own individual needs, desires, and dreams.

We Believe…That just because an architect designated a room as a bedroomdoesn’t mean that you can’t use that space for another purpose most of the time…(Crafts, Exercise, Home-Office, etc.)

We Believe…That everyone can be ready to comfortably accommodate some family or friends for an overnight stay – without dedicating that space as a ‘guest room’ the other 350 days of the year.

We Believe…That you should be able to hide your occasional-guest sleeping arrangements inside a beautiful cabinet that will add value to the look of your home.


Simply stated, we invented the patent-pending Xtrabed because we think two things are precious but are often in conflict: available space you can use to invite friends and family to “sleep over” vs. functional use of space to support your busy life. We think it’s really important for you to devote the available space in your home for your favorite activities when you’re awake – without sacrificing the ability to say to friends and family Sure, come on over and spend the night!

So we created a product called the Xtrabed that is a real memory-foam mattress encased in a beautiful cabinet – and we made it mobile on casters so that you could store it in one room and use it in another. We believe the Xtrabed is the best answer to the dilemma of ‘useful space’ vs. ‘sleep-over guests’ and we hope you will enjoy our product.

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