Hideaway Beds – The Solution To Small Guestrooms

For most people, when we are lucky enough to have a spare room in our home, we become torn with a decision: Do I turn this room into my office/gym/play room/library/etc., or do I make this room into a guest room for the occasional guest?

Well, why not both?

The majority of us only have company a few weekends, or maybe even a few weeks a year.  That means that if you convert your spare room to a guest room, you are wasting that space for something like 325 to 350 days of the year!

Today, there are many alternatives that can allow us to use a spare room for any purpose, and yet accommodate the occasional guest, without having a traditional bed take up the entire room all year long.

Some of these alternatives are:

1)      Blow-Up Mattress– this option hides in your closet, and then you blow it up to provide a quick and cheap way to set your guests up for the night.   It’s a great option for kids, but maybe not so much for your older guests.

2)      Futon– this is kind of a cool concept, but again it’s more for the younger folk, and when it’s not a bed, it isn’t hidden because it is set up like a sofa and takes up the big sofa footprint in the room.

3)      Sofa Bed– thin mattress, scary mechanism, but can provide an ‘ok’ sleep experience.  Perhaps the biggest problem is that they are seldom a comfortable sofa when they are not deployed as a bed, and again they take up a “sofa space” – probably not a great thing in your new “multi-purpose room”.

4)      Wallbed/Murphy Bed– this is a great hide-away bed option, and with so many different styles out there, you can find one that matches your home.  Wallbeds are easy to use, and they are as comfortable as any traditional bed that you would put in your home because a wall bed will take almost any normal mattress.  The downside to a wallbed is that there is a great deal of assembly and installation required, and though the footprint is small, they are so tall that they sort of “take over” the room.  Also, part of the installation process is to bolt the wallbed into the studs in your wall (which isn’t usually a problem if you own the home, but can be a problem for renters).  Wallbeds can also be quite expensive, usually in the $2000 to $3000 range, plus delivery and installation, and that doesn’t include the cost of the mattress.

5)      Mobile Wallbed– the Mobile Wallbed (also known as “The Xtrabed”) is a hidden bed option with a small footprint, and a great alternative to a traditional Wallbed/Murphy Bed.  It is about the size of a dresser, and what looks like a beautiful door cabinet hides-away a very comfortable night’s rest for your guest.  A Queen Size cost less than $2000 delivered to your home, requires no assembly or installation, and it includes a comfortable memory foam mattress.  Also, because it is on casters, you can keep the Xtrabed cabinet in any room, and then roll it into another room in your home with space to open up the queen size bed.   This makes the Mobile Wallbed a great option for anyone who doesn’t have a spare room but wants to give their guests a comfortable night’s sleep.

In Summary, there are many “occasional sleep” options out there, all of which can help you open up a ‘multi-purpose’ room, and yet be ready and able to let your guests stay over night.



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